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Multiple Sclerosis – The Alberta Disadvantange

Alberta has the highest rate of MS in the world – why and what can be done? Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune, degenerative, neurological disease. It often affects a person’s abilities to walk and also may result in many other less obvious, problematic disabilities. It is a chronic disease that is most commonly diagnosed in young adults in their late 20s and early 30s. As the disease progresses, disabilities can accumulate and some persons with MS become very seriously […]

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The Best Bet Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Treating Multiple Sclerosis with Diet The formulation of an effective treatment for MS clearly depends on knowing the cause of the disease. The treatment which is suggested here assumes that dietary factors play a major role in the cause of MS onset and progression. The basic elements of a dietary model for MS are the escape of intact food proteins through a leaky gut and subsequent activation of the immune system. The immune system is activated against tissue in the […]

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"...This is my 12th month on the diet and I have been out of the wheelchair since September. No one is as surprised as me that I am free of the wheelchair..."

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“...Today I am well on my way to complete recovery. I can walk - even jog for several feet. I can eat. I have plenty of energy to do yardwork, care for (and wrestle with!) my darling little boy, I am working full-time and moving up the ladder at lightning speed. I have lost about 25 pounds, my skin is clear, and I must say that I am looking good! I am convinced that I will not go back to that dark place I was last year.”

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“Wanted to share some good news - six months on Best Bet Diet (BBD) and guess what! I feel great! So many improvements - but the one that really AMAZES me every time I look down at my left hand - is that after TWO YEARS of CONSTANT pins and needles and clumsiness.... IT IS GONE!!!!..."

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